We are a company of London-based theatre artists, working together since August 2001 to make provocative theatre that pursues all angles. We focus on catalysing unfamiliar and dynamic relationships between audience and performance and are committed to making total environmental experiences.

Mapping4D theatre events are immediate and intimate, exploring the needs and rituals that silently underpin our society. Our work is detailed, and political but not polemical, dealing in encounters and personal experiences whilst being actively engaged in difficult debates.

Through a unique style, fusing personal documentary with imagism, we create an intricate live experience through which the audience is invited to navigate each night, bringing their own choices, perspectives, and identities into the space, to share in its unfolding.

Our pieces are devised; rehearsal processes are workshop-based but accumulative and evolving. All artists, whether actors, directors, dramaturges or designers are involved throughout the rehearsal process and take a shared responsibility for the development of the work. It is theatre of questions, not answers.


Sarah Levinsky, Wendy Hubbard, Mamoru Iriguchi, Lucy Ellinson, Ben Pacey